Coating & Blasting

ACT is an approved and certified coating applicator for the oil & gas industry's offshore & onshore structures and components.

Hydro blasting

The UHWPJ provides a clean, dust-free, working environment and will strip almost any substrate leaving little residue for clean-up.

Thermal Spray Application

Protects and extends the structural integrity of steel, even in extreme conditions, giving practically a zero maintenance requirement.

steel fabrication

A professional unit fabricating any custom-designed steel structure or item including pipes, tanks, silos, platforms, walkways, ladders, skids, etc.

Tank & Internal Pipe lining

Quality internal cleaning, corrosion protection coatings and linings for all types of tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, etc.


Passive Fireproofing against fast temperature rise fires fuelled by oil spills, gas clouds, etc.

Plural Component Insulation

A specialist process for creating a highly durable corrosion protection & insulation material for use primarily in extreme temperature locations.


We have extensive experience in the repair and protection of concrete structures and industrial floorings primarily through epoxy injection, waterproofing and levelling.


As part of ACT's single source solution we use highly-experienced scaffolding specialists to provide complete access for the project.


Protection against fires with a slow heat rise and peak temperatures of 950°C.


Fully proficient in removing surface scale and contaminates on stainless steel.


Surface preparation of industrial, onshore and offshore structures, vessels and piping.

rope access

A specialist rope access team provides alternative and cost-effective access solutions for a wide range of industry applications.

offshore maintenance

Effectively manage maintenance and minimize, repair time for the onshore and offshore industry.


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